Anchorage may see high winds, heavy rain by weekend

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To Anchorage residents getting used to having electricity after last week's windstorm and power outages: Don't get too comfortable just yet.

National Weather Service meteorologists say another powerful storm will move into the Anchorage area over the weekend, bringing rain and the potential for high winds.

The upper Hillside and Turnagain Arm could see winds from 55-65 mph on Saturday, increasing to 80 mph Saturday nigh and Sunday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

The lower Hillside, East Anchorage and Eagle River could see winds of 35-45 mph on Saturday night. Winds could reach 25 to 40 mph in the rest of the city late Saturday and early Sunday.

The main front is expected to pass by Sunday afternoon, said NWS meteorologist Andy Dixon.

It's unusual to have two back-to-back storm systems with high winds impact Anchorage, he said.

Dixon cautioned that the forecast is preliminary.

"There is still quite a bit of uncertainty," he said.

What's certain is that the weekend will be a soggy one.

"Definitely a rainy weekend and potentially a rainy and windy weekend," Dixon said. "So stay tuned."

Read the full Weather Service statement here.

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