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Letter: Voters got the message and our future is looking brighter

We keep moving toward a more inclusive, a more just, a more equitable, a more beautiful, a more knowledgeable and a more appreciative human race. What we have seen in the last few days make me very optimistic for our future.

Young people have stood up and expressed themselves as more politically knowledgeable and more politically involved than we have ever seen before. More community service is being emphasized in our schools. My prediction for the future is we will have more and better prepared candidates to represent us than we do now. In return, the knowledge, energy and wisdom of youth will be more appreciated than ever and young people will get a fairer slice of the benefits. I say more power to them, their parents and teachers.

Adult voters have re-elected our first African-American president, Barack Obama, in spite of our high unemployment rate and other disappointments. That tells me that the majority of American voters were listening and got the message of just how important this election is for our future.

— Hugh Jr. Hays