Letter: Promote responsible ownership

I don’t think we can find a solution to gun control that is acceptable to everyone. However, I do think we can take some steps to reduce the threat of gun-related violence and promote responsible gun ownership.

First, before a gun is sold or traded it must come with a trigger lock and the seller should be responsible for providing the trigger lock.

Second, we must adopt a system of fines for failing to maintain guns in a safe and responsible manner. The National Rifle Association sponsors gun safety training for children and adults, so they should favor enforcement of safety standards.

Third, require individuals to register all weapons with the state. Lost, stolen or transferred ownership of weapons should be reported within 10 days or the last owner of record will be fined if the weapon is later used in a crime or maintained in an unsafe manner. This does not take away the right to bear arms and promotes responsible gun ownership. These are steps that can make a difference.

— Mike Shiffer