Letter: Skate park proposal is great, but include all age groups

I’m writing in response to the proposed Sitka Street skate park and those involved in the planning. First off, I would like to congratulate the municipality and the folks in the neighborhood who have realized that skateboarding is overwhelmingly a positive activity for people of all ages. On that note I have a few suggestions and a little education for those in charge:

Skateboarding has always been a way for people to escape the exclusivity of conventional sports and express their individuality. The plans for this park are contradictory to the culture skateboarders have achieved by putting boundaries and limits on those who are welcome to skate. Skateboarders of all ages, gender or economic status are notorious for being creative and free-thinking individuals no matter what part of town they are from and will skate wherever there’s a spot to skate.

I would suggest to those involved with the park planning to promote the Alaska skating community to enjoy this park together and abandon the idea of segregating it to a certain age group.

— Ty Spaulding