Letter: Sullivan doesn’t get to change rules for thousands of workers

I find it interesting that Bob Lewis (Letters, Feb. 14) states the mayor is correct in reining in the unions and reducing their power. I doubt he’ll find any of the union members feel their wages and benefits are inflated.

Why is someone who lives in the valley complaining about the higher taxes they pay when they don’t live in Anchorage?

Bob Lewis is right about one thing — the unions need all the power they can garner to deal with people like himself and Mayor Sullivan. Please notice it’s mayor, not king, Sullivan; he doesn’t get to change the work rules of thousands of employees just because he won a second term.

For the record I voted for Mayor Sullivan and usually agree with his policies but we’re apart on this one. There needs to be balance between management and labor. Let’s hope it’s maintained.

— Larry J. Imm