Letter: Shannyn Moore wins backing

I find that I am in agreement with both the spirit and most of the substance of Shannyn Moore’s column of Sunday, June 16, which is the first time that has occurred for a very long time. Perhaps if Shannyn would more often support her positions with substantive arguments based on principal and less often resort to insult and invective against her perceived political opponents, then those of us with our “three-cornered hats on too tight” would be more willing to join with her to fight to preserve our civic and religious rights and liberties.

I am glad that Shannyn sees that we must now have a debate, a real argument, about the scope of the surveillance state or we will slip into an America we do not recognize. Therein, these powers will at some point be abused. And the current generation will have failed to hand down intact to posterity the heritage of freedom prior generations fought, bled and died for.

— Wallace R. Thomas

Eagle River

Anchorage Daily News