Our View: What's your advice on city taxes and services?

Advice to City Hall

The administration is looking for ideas; so are we

The city is holding a series of conversations with people most affected by the city budget both in taxes and services, with the possibility of proposing new sources of revenue, cuts, additions or anything else that makes sense to taxpayers.

We're all affected, one way or another. So we'd like to hear from you, our readers, what you would recommend the city do to ease the property tax burden while maintaining essential services.

Sales tax? Seasonal sales tax to tap the tourist dollar? Different schedule of user fees and/or fines?

Would you cut services? Why, and what would the effect be?

We ask that you be as specific as possible. Rather than merely saying "cut waste," please offer a specific example of wasteful spending -- and why it's a waste.

On the flip side, are there services you'd like to see preserved or enhanced? Want more police and longer library hours? Fine -- how do we pay for them?

Alaskans, including Anchorage residents, enjoy one of the lightest overall tax burdens in the United States. But in Anchorage, property taxes take a big single bite. Is there a better way? How would it work?

Please e-mail your suggestions to letters@adn.com, or write to us at PO Box 149001, Anchorage, 99514-9001, or respond on-line to this editorial. We'll publish as many responses as we can both in print and on line.

Thanks for writing.

BOTTOM LINE: What's your idea on city taxes and services? Please let us know.