Letter: Now is time to support French

The American dream is the ability to start very humbly and work hard to make something great for yourself, your family, and your community. Alaska, as the last frontier, is a land of considerable opportunity for those willing to work. Sen. Hollis French came here, stayed, and made something of himself. At 19 he worked on the oil rigs. Today he is working in the state Senate to protect the constitutional right of all Alaskans to have a share of their resources.

 Sen. French knows what it takes to succeed in Alaska. Because Sen. French knows our best days our still ahead of us, he has filed to run for governor of our resource-rich state. Big Oil does not want him to win. They are fighting for the best interest of their corporations.

Alaskans want statesmen who will fight for the best interests of all Alaskans. Now is the time to rally in support of Sen. French in his run for governor of Alaska.

— Barbara Gazaway