Letter: Officials who failed us should be answerable to the voters

We’ve worked through furloughs of government employees due to sequestration and the various impacts that resulted because of it — ranging from short-term impacts to the traveling public to the real impact to families paychecks being reduced due to the mandatory unpaid time away from work.

Now we are being brought to the brink of a governmentwide shutdown because of a lack of a federal budget.

Both of these situations are due to the lack of our elected government officials to be able to perform one of the most important parts of their jobs — prepare and pass a budget/spending bill. When you go to the polls in the next national election please remember, no matter which party you find yourself affiliated with, that these officials failed in their job due to political ideology, yet not one of them was either furloughed or will be directly impacted by a shutdown of our government.

 Hopefully your vote will help them realize what is important to us, the citizens of the U.S.

— David Gerland

Eagle River

Anchorage Daily News