Letter: Why criticize health insurance, but not automobile insurance?

The GOP rants and raves about Obamacare requiring citizens to purchase health insurance. This is somehow an intrusion upon our rights and takes us to the brink of socialism.

But, I have never seen such rantings over the government requirement that we all have auto insurance. That intrusion upon freedom is justified and apparently sold as a protection against bearing the cost of fixing our car or their car in an accident. Part of the cost of auto insurance is uninsured motorist coverage. We don’t want to have to pay for the irresponsibility of someone else. 

But in health care, that is exactly what is happening. Because so many (more than 12 percent of Alaskans) have no insurance, when they have a heart attack, need surgery, require cancer treatment; thee and me must pay.

Could our governor, a member of the Republican Party in Alaska, or our Republican senator or congressman please explain to me in a Letter to the Editor what the difference in principle is here that I am not seeing?

— William Dann