Letter: Hatred takes its toll on our country

Eric Olenick opened his letter (Letters, Oct. 2) with “I hate Obama.” Hate — such an ugly word when directed to a person. After reading his letter I was reminded of another ADN letter weeks ago from a volunteer at the Democrat Party booth at the State Fair. This person compared the tone of their message — positive, optimistic, cheerful — to the GOP booth — angry, cynical, pessimistic. I found that observation very telling.

As a registered independent I have never subscribed to the premise that people must pledge allegiance to either the “left” or the “right.” A balanced mix of many ideas and beliefs works for me. My observation of the current state of affairs in DC that is severely damaging this country is not really about the budget or the ACA. Its core is an angry manifestation of what Eric Olenick so proudly and publicly embraces — hatred.

Considering how many people choose to wrap themselves in an endless cocoon of hate radio, the hate news network, and hate-web, it is no wonder this country is imploding. 

— Brandon Anderson