Letter: Misuse of system is real problem

If the state spent less time prosecuting false allegations of domestic violence, there would be Violence Against Women Act money to cover the cost of the additional nurses. As a nonprofit organization, surely Providence would qualify for the grant. 

The real problem is not lack of funding for real victims but people who pervert the system to obtain VAWA and other grants specific to sexual assault and domestic violence. False allegations of domestic violence are commonly used to obtain custody of children or punish exes. Prosecutors and judges turn a blind eye to this nefarious practice in order to inflate stats and obtain more funding. This vicious cycle silences the voices of real victims, and is the equivalent of fraud. 

Alaska used to be No. 1 in natural resources but now we are No. 1 in domestic violence and sexual assault per capita. Our domestic violence rates would drop 25 percent in five years if we demand accountability in the prosecutor’s office and judicial reform.

— Diana Fyffe