Alaska grizzly high priests of Last Frontier? (video)

Craig MedredAlaska Dispatch

Charles Annenberg believes people need "to get out of an 'Us' culture and into a 'We' culture," which is why he plans to provide the globe with a "glimpse into the world's largest cathedral," at no cost to the home viewer. According to Annenberg, the VP of the Annenberg Foundation and the founder of, "fall(ing) in love with the world again" is not a difficult task. How does one do it? All you'll need is a little quality time with the "high priests" of Katmai National Park.

This video shows Annenberg sonorously explaining his bear-themed initiative, called "Pearls of the Planet."

"Pearls" is being fostered in cooperation with Alaska's Katmai National Park, park rangers and

The project will provide live camera feeds of brown bear activity to curious people all around the web. As Annenberg puts it, he's trying to give "people all over the world (the opportunity to) study the brown bears and the migration of the salmon" without leaving the comfort (and safety) their home.

See the "Pearls of the Planet" feed here.