Supporters of Z.J. Loussac Public Library in Anchorage take one last walk down the notorious steps connecting the parking lot with the second-floor entrance at the Slip Slide N’Away event Monday morning. 

Erik Hill
Author Tom Brennan's book on the slaying of Kent Leppink is, without question, squalid and tawdry, as well as appalling. But like the proverbial wreck on the highway, I found myself unable to turn away.David A. James
Alaska’s big battles have tended to be puny by world standards, with limited ramifications outside the local area. Mike Dunham
"Maria de Buenos Aires" is a wildly passionate musical allegory for tango itself that includes local tango dancers adding to the colorMike Dunham
Author Peter Marchand’s descriptions of life along the Yukon are filled with the intricate connections that bind all forms of life to one another, with humans a part of the web spanning out over the landscape. This “uncommon natural history” is a deeply human story.David A. James
Sculptors will start carving 1,000-pound blocks of ice for the Crystal Gallery of Ice event in downtown Anchorage starting Friday, Jan. 15, John Luther Adams' music is heard in "The Revenant" soundtrack, and without a better museum, Greenland must house its historic artifacts in far-off Denmark.Mike Dunham
From a Charlie Chaplin flick to a night under the stars (inside!), there are plenty of opportunities for a cheap date in Anchorage this week. Mike Dunham
We learn basic facts and so much more from author Peter Dunlap-Shohl’s honest and honestly engaging account, from his initial depression through all his full experience with the disease.Nancy Lord
Collection of 13 stories in "Cabin, Clearing, Forest"; "Escape to Alaska" ends up in Whittier. 
A Yup'ik mask and 1,300-year-old St. Lawrence Island figure have been bequeathed to the Vancouver Art Gallery by the late owner of the San Jose Sharks hockey team. And an exhibit of beer paintings that parody art classics opens at Midnight Sun Brewing Co.Mike Dunham