Within a month of arriving in Anchorage, Jake was hired as an assistant big game guide and ever since has been actively engaged in hunting and fishing endeavors.Kathleen Macknicki
It is a bit of a disappointment to learn that even at the height of the Gold Rush, crime rates in Dawson City and the rest of the Yukon Territory were remarkably low, and that the Mounties who were there to keep it that way spent a good deal of their time engaged in mundane bureaucratic tasks.David A. James
Two new books reveal the fascinating pasts of Alaska towns that history has forgotten. Mike Dunham
Tlingit carver Wayne Price has begun restoring the historic "Big Dipper" totem in Juneau; UAF theater founder Lee Salisbury has died in Washington.Mike Dunham
The diary is minimalist in both text and artwork. Pages consist of handwritten entries on the left and lightly composed watercolors on the right. Silcox notes in his introduction that the writing here foreshadows the sort of prose Carr would produce in her final years when her health was failing.David A. James
"Book and brew," with sci-fi author Don Rearden, is on tap this week, along with an Irish spring fling and a talk about mushing lore and lies.Mike Dunham
Reading the North features "Pup and Pokey" by Seth Kantner, illustrated by Beth Hill.Kathleen Macknicki
This “grand and terrible” story of survival on the USS Jeannette, besides being such a terrific read, has much to teach us about human ambition and hubris. Nancy Lord
This book is not just a fascinating story of one man. It has some of the best descriptions of Alaska's Iditarod Trail yet to see print.David A. James
Reading the North features "The Spaces Between: Stories From the Kenai Mountains to the Kenai Fjords" by Doug Capra and "The Aleut Internments of World War II" by Russell W. Estlack.Kathleen Macknicki