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This carefully researched and beautifully written novel features John Easley, a journalist who poses as a military officer on a bombing run over Attu Island and ends up being shot down. He and one airman, the only survivors, spend weeks trying to stay alive in the hostile climate while hiding from the Japanese invaders. Nancy Lord
About all that can truly be said of what was going on with McCandless at the bus is that nobody knows. Krakauer almost admitted as much in "Into the Wild'' when he wrote his "sense of Chris McCandless' intentions comes, too, from a more personal perspective.'' Craig Medred
A highly informative book examines how Alaska Natives fought for their rights, and the ways in which those efforts impacted the eventual statehood bill that admitted Alaska to the union, giving readers an appreciation for how the groundwork was laid for the landmark 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.David A. James
To improve as a writer, write and write some more, Pedersen vowed.Ann Dixon
The hero here is Barry Goldwater, and in him, author Barry Allen Drake presents what might be a model for drawing conservatives back into the environmental movement, which they originally started. It’s a hard sell, but as Alaska’s recent election highlights, the market for preservation is there among conservatives.David A. James
It’s time we all take a time out and stop watching the Alaska sky for signs of snow. After all, a watched pot doesn’t boil, therefore a watched forecast doesn’t produce. Look down, instead, at the pages of a good read. Here's some suggestions. Alli Harvey
“Animal Stories” isn’t meant to be a guidebook to Alaska wildlife, but it might very well be used as one. Throughout, author Bill Sherwonit's observations are acute and philosophical.Nancy Lord
He moved massively, like a monstrous raised turtle, slinging his forepaws in looping, pigeon-toed strides. His sloping hindquarters shuffled along behind as if they had difficulty keeping up with the rest of him. His shoulders bulged with crawling movements, and he swung his grizzled head from side to side.Sam Keith
Anchorage-based photographer John Schwieder came to his art at a later age than most, but he’s made up for lost time with two volumes of remarkable photography that capture landscapes and wildlife from across the full breadth of the state.  David A. James
More than 70 senior dogs are highlighted in David Jensen's second full-color coffee table book.Kathleen Macknicki