The contract restructures the way police employees are paid and converts union members to the city’s health care plan, which comes with a less-generous benefits package. Devin Kelly
U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan on Monday said fighting federal overreach and pushing for a continued military presence in Alaska are among his priorities.Molly Dischner | Associated Press
Anchorage mayoral candidate Dan Coffey devoted his opening statement at a Monday forum to defusing the backlash over the letter his lawyer sent last week to radio and TV stations aimed at suppressing an accidental recording in 2008.Devin Kelly
House Speaker Mike Chenault wants to order the federal government to transfer upward of 166 million acres of federal lands to state ownership on or before Jan. 1, 2017, but legislative attorneys said, "The bill is unconstitutional." Dermot Cole
Gov. Bill Walker has made a second try at filling a vacant seat on the Alaska Board of Fisheries, this time picking the director of a conservation group for a position traditionally held by members sympathetic to sportfishing interests. Nathaniel Herz
With the state missing its steady revenue of recent years, Alaska legislators are searching for unspent pots of money in other programs as they seek to keep their favorite ones alive.Pat Forgey
Clashes with Alaska Gov. Bill Walker on gas line issues and Medicaid expansion could complicate any effort to end the session in 90 days, Republican lawmakers say.Pat Forgey
The FCC chairman joined other critics of the deal that resulted in billions of dollars in bid discounts when Dish Network joined with the regional Native corporation Doyon Ltd. under a "very small company" program.Dermot Cole
More than a century old and seven times larger than the average Alaska house, the governor's mansion is a piece of the state's history. But to the 22 families who have passed through its rooms over the decades, the property has filled another role: home.Michaela Goertzen
The state is soliciting resumes for potential members of a new marijuana regulatory board, although Alaska lawmakers are still working on legislation to create such a board. Molly Dischner | Associated Press