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Marijuana cultivator’s license suspended for 30 days by Anchorage Assembly

The Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday night voted to suspended a Midtown Anchorage marijuana cultivator's license for 30 days.

The Assembly voted 8 to 3 in favor of suspending Cannabaska's cultivation license, with Assembly members Forrest Dunbar, Pete Petersen and Christopher Constant dissenting. Cannabaska's retail store is not affected by the decision and will remain open.

The penalty stems from issues with the company's waste disposal processes, which emerged after marijuana scraps were found outside of Cannabaska's dumpster last winter and employees refused a dumpster inspection, according to state investigators.

In July, the Marijuana Control Board revoked owner Smadar Warden's marijuana handler's license, effectively shutting down the company's grow and retail storefront. But the decision sowed confusion among staff at the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office, and regulators reversed the decision soon afterward.