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Tell us about being a working mother in Alaska during the pandemic

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Nationwide, women are bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic in economic terms.

Some are leaving the workforce altogether, while others may work in industries like hospitality and health care, which were highly affected by the pandemic recession. In addition, women are often caregivers for children and aging parents, and with the lack of childcare options, many mothers have borne that burden as well.

We’re looking to learn more about the experiences of Alaska’s working mothers during the pandemic.

Are you a mom in Alaska who left the workforce during the pandemic? Are you trying to balance at-home schooling and work?

Maybe you’re a mom with a job that doesn’t allow you to work from home, or an empty nester with aging parents, or a new mom who gave birth in the middle of a pandemic? Or maybe your experience has been different from all of these scenarios.

If you’re a mother in Alaska willing to share what life has been like for you this year for an upcoming Daily News story, share your story and contact information in the form below and a reporter may contact you to follow up. We won’t publish anything without checking in with you first.

Share your experiences in the form below. If you’re having trouble seeing the form, try here.