Anchorage’s extra-warm summer is getting even warmer in August

June and July were much warmer than average in Anchorage. August is trending even warmer during its first two weeks.

The average temperature in Anchorage in June was 60.5 degrees, 5.3 degrees warmer than normal, the National Weather Service says. July was even warmer with an average of 65.3 degrees, 6.5 degrees above normal.

“Through the first 12 days of August, the average temperature is 7.3 degrees above normal,” Eddie Zingone, a meteorologist with Anchorage, said Tuesday. So far, this month’s average temperature is 65.8 degrees, he said.

High temperatures in Anchorage have reached at least 70 degrees on 43 days this year, beating a record of 42 days from 2013. That record is expected to grow, the weather service said.

The high temperature in Anchorage on Tuesday was 77 degrees. This broke a daily high record of 75 degrees, the weather service reported. Anchorage has now reached at least 75 degrees on 27 days this year, crushing the record of 15 days in 2015.

Anchorage should see highs greater than 70 degrees for the rest of the week, said Zingone.

A nine-day stretch starting July 1 was the longest streak of days at or above 75 degrees in Anchorage history, weather service records show. The last seven days, Aug. 6 through Tuesday, have been the second longest streak on record.


On Independence Day this year, Anchorage had its hottest day on record at 90 degrees, beating a 50-year record. The longstanding record of 85 degrees dated back to June 14, 1969.

A contributing factor to Anchorage’s recording breaking heat this summer is partially due to a warmer ocean.

“Ocean temperatures are running about five degrees warmer this year, that helps minimize the cooling effect of an onshore breeze compared to most years,” said meteorologist Patrick Doll.

Jeff Parrott

Jeff Parrott is a former general assignment reporter for Anchorage Daily News. He graduated with a master's degree in 2019 from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and is a former U.S. Army officer.