Anchorage Assembly candidate Q&A: Christopher Hall

The Anchorage Daily News asked candidates for Anchorage Assembly to answer a series of issue questions. Read all of them here.

Christopher Hall| District: 5 | Age: 47 | Occupation: Worker bee

What is a short summary of your background?

Okay so this is a problem. I worked offshore. I’ve worked his ex pack. So Google doesn’t like that I have been expatriated. I’ve been around the world twice. I have owned three businesses, one was rebuilding, one was firearms and one was refrigeration. I was a teacher, open to the point that I discussed my candidacy, I get it they don’t need that kind of heat from somebody running for office. Okay, so background. I have been an offshore fabricator for 30 years. I work for Kiewit offshore, I work for Kellogg, Brown and Root, I have worked for Patterson. It’s crazy, but I have more experience with foreign affairs than most of our current constituents. My residency has been both Texas and Alaska. I did have residency in Colorado for about 7 years.

Why are you running?

I’m blowback.

What makes you qualified to serve on the Anchorage Assembly?


I understand history, law, business and care about my locality.

What is the most important problem facing Anchorage? How would you address it?

Crime and homelessness. If I can get both the Native corporations and the churches discuss this with me. We can fix this, however, they seem to be hiding behind “not my problem.”

What is the most important problem facing your district? How would you address it?

The most important thing in my district it appears to be the candidates have been bought. They have spent more money than there are voters by a lot.

What is your vision of the role of local government in Anchorage?

I want my voters to keep their respect and keep their money.

Rate Dave Bronson’s performance as mayor. Explain, with specific examples.

I can’t rate someone whose every action has been fought by the council.

Rate the performance of the current Assembly. Explain, with specific examples.

The Assembly has forgotten that they are servants of the people, they believe that anything they say, goes. The people will determine what is right or what is wrong.

What’s your vision for improving and diversifying Anchorage’s economy?

We have got to get rent inside the Anchorage bowl down to a level where a family can survive.

What do you see as the most effective strategies to address homelessness in Anchorage going forward?

I want to start with the churches because charity comes from the church. If the churches don’t want to help, okay, let’s put them on blast, because Christ said everyone who approaches me, man, woman and child, will be treated the same. You can’t pass a law that says, “I can’t give a homeless person my coffee money,” and then say in the same breath that we are going to give $6 million, $15 million dollars to the homeless problem.

What’s your assessment of Anchorage’s transportation infrastructure? How would you improve it?

First thing I would do is I would make sure that the Anchorage stays in Anchorage. Second, I would make sure that the residency of Anchorage is affordable.


Does the city do a good job of running municipal elections? Would you push for changes? Explain.

The city should not be in charge of elections. I don’t understand why the city Assembly has so much power where the only thing they were supposed to do is worry about what happens inside the city limits of Anchorage, we don’t understand or control Eagle River, we don’t understand or control Girdwood.

The past two years have been marked by increased civic discord in Anchorage. How would you improve the quality of civic discourse in the city?

That is not a city council problem. The people are allowed to protest any way they seem fit as long as they don’t create a victim.

Do you acknowledge the results of the 2020 presidential election? Also, what are your thoughts on what took place on Jan. 6, 2021 in the U.S. Capitol?

This is a leading question, okay. The 2020 presidential election has been influenced by changes to election law. I dare you to challenge me on this. January 6th was nothing. Let’s discuss Kenosha, let’s discuss Seattle, let’s discuss Berkeley, California. Let’s discuss Dallas when people were shot from an elevated position. Marxist communists that are fighting this country, instead of some people who went there to stop the electoral vote which the electoral vote in this particular case have been manipulated. You honestly think Arizona went blue? As a South Texas resident during most of my life, I dare you to discuss this with me, I dare you.

What’s one thing that makes you hopeful about Anchorage’s future?

Currently? Nothing. Our rent and our living expenses here in Anchorage have gotten so high that one speeding ticket will send somebody back to the Lower 48.


What other important issue would you like to discuss?

I would like to see the city Assembly’s pay lowered. If they have one meeting a month, at 5 hours they would make something like $319 an hour. This is unacceptable.