Bronson concedes to LaFrance in Anchorage mayoral election

Two days after Suzanne LaFrance declared victory in the Anchorage mayoral election, Mayor Dave Bronson conceded.

In a statement Thursday, Bronson said he had called to congratulate the former Assembly chair, calling the campaign “long and hard-fought.”

“While the results of this election fell short of where we had hoped, I am honored by the opportunity to have worked with so many talented and dedicated professionals in service to our community,” Bronson said. “... While there were challenges, setbacks, and even disagreements along the way, I am grateful for the dedication and hard work my administration put into serving the residents of Anchorage.”

Bronson also said he was “committed to ensuring a smooth transition to Mayor-Elect LaFrance and her team.”

In a separate statement Thursday, LaFrance said she and Bronson “had a brief and positive conversation” and that she is “looking forward to a productive transition for Anchorage.”

LaFrance declared victory Tuesday, saying in an interview that based on the current vote count, she was “confident that the gap is greater than the outstanding ballots.”

In the most recent vote count released Thursday, city election officials reported LaFrance had 53.5% of the vote and was leading Bronson by 5,615 votes out of a total of 79,559 ballots counted. The election center said it had received 80,567 ballots as of Thursday, with very few continuing to arrive by mail.

The results of the election are set to be certified by the Assembly on May 31. LaFrance will take office July 1.