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Fairbanks' home-grown, one-stop pot shop

Joining many of Alaska's budding marijuana businesses, Destiny Neade and her husband plan to open the retail portion of Frozen Budz this fall with an Alaska theme. Since they're in Fairbanks, their self-proclaimed "farthest-north cannabis" tagline might have a shot at being true.

They pride themselves on being homemade. Eventually, the Neades want to grow cannabis commercially, but for now they're focusing on perfecting their edible recipes. And with six personal-use marijuana plants in their garage's makeshift grow room, they have plenty of opportunity for practice. This video explains how Neade is turning her love of marijuana and baking into a business.

Scott Jensen

After growing up in Anchorage, Scott Jensen embarked on a traveling TV photojournalism career that took him to big cities like Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis. He's back home now and produces video journalism for