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Handgun found in student’s bag at King Tech High School

A handgun and marijuana were found in a student’s bag at King Tech High School in Anchorage on Thursday, police said, noting that there was no evidence of a threat made at the school.

According to a preliminary investigation, a student who attends East High School in the morning was picked up by another student and they went to King Tech High School, on East Northern Lights Boulevard, where they both take classes in the afternoon, police said in an alert. The students arrived late, and after a school worker smelled pot on them, they were taken to the office and officials contacted their parents, police said.

Before school officials searched a bag belonging to the first student for marijuana, the student said the bag contained a handgun, according to police, and that was when school resource officers were requested. An officer with the Anchorage Police Department’s School Resource Officer Unit responded to King Tech around noon.

After they arrived, officials found a handgun and marijuana in that student’s bag, police said. Marijuana was also found in the second student’s car, which was parked on King Tech’s school grounds, according to police.

“There is no indication the gun was removed from the bag at either East High or King Tech and there is no indication of any threats being made involving the weapon,” police said.

Both students’ chargers were forwarded to the Department of Juvenile Justice, according to police.