Have you experienced sexual violence in Alaska? Help us report these stories.

Since 2019, ProPublica and the Anchorage Daily News have worked together to report on sexual violence in Alaska. We know it’s important to collaborate with the community in order to understand the breadth of the problems. We are continuing to do so in 2020.

We have received hundreds of responses to this questionnaire, all important to our work (see the reporting here). We’ve published a series of profiles featuring many of the people who first got in touch here. We’ve interviewed as many people as we can, taking note of themes common to the stories.

We’ve heard stories of assault by a boss, an educator or another powerful person in their community. These are a few areas we plan to focus on next:

The education system. We’re looking at public schools, home schools, principals and professors. If someone has used his or her position as an educator to coerce you into sex or threaten retribution for reporting an assault, we hope you’ll tell us what happened.

The workplace. Tell us your stories about dynamics in corporations and professional settings.

Law enforcement and government. We’ve heard stories about people assaulted by those who were supposed to protect them. We’d like to learn more.

Homelessness and foster care. Help us reach the most vulnerable in your community.


While we are no longer adding new profiles to the “Unheard” project, we’re still reporting. We’re especially interested in cases you reported that went unresolved. If you have a tip about an issue that is not listed above, please tell us about that too. You can talk to us by filling out this form or email us at

We understand that your privacy is important. We are the only ones reading what you submit. If you would prefer to use an encrypted app, here is what we suggest.

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