Anchorage Benson Park -- the city's only fenced dog park -- will be closed for improvements June 27 through July 4, and the park's playground will be closed July 2 through July 12.

On July 12, there will be a Volunteer Day to re-open the park starting at 9 a.m. Everyone who shows up to volunteer counts toward a monetary credit that can be used for further park improvements, so just showing up helps.

Among the improvements mentioned for the park will be seating, automatic-closing dog gates, a paved walking path from the parking to the entrance of the park and paving the entry and further into the park.

In addition, new playground equipment will be installed to make the park more welcoming.

Monetary donations to Arctic Benson Park through the Anchorage Parks Foundation are currently matched, dollar for dollar, and the Arctic Benson Community Council welcomes gifts from individuals and corporations to help with future improvements.

For more information on donations, or if your workplace, club, church or other organization would like to volunteer, contact Karen at