Read the Alaska National Guard documents released by the state

On Friday, Oct. 31, the state of Alaska began releasing thousands of pages of documents related to problems within the Alaska National Guard.

The records, part of a request by Alaska Dispatch News and Alaska Public Media, were released after a judge on Thursday ordered the state to produce them or provide a log showing why they aren't disclosable under Alaska law. The media organizations sued after the governor's office failed to release them following public-records requests in May and June.

The office of Gov. Sean Parnell and the state Department of Law are releasing the documents in stages. Here are all of the records released so far, in PDF form. The names of the files are how they were labeled by the government. Much of the material has been redacted. Some of the PDFs are quite large and may take a while to load.

Email log 1 (Released Oct. 24)

Certification of Michael Nizich (released Oct. 24)

2014 10 31 Production1 (released Oct. 31)

Privilege Log 10 31 2014 (released Oct. 31)


Privilege Log 10 31 2014 Part 2 (released Oct. 31)

Privilege Log 10 31 2014 Part 3 (released Oct. 31

Part 2 (released Nov. 1)

Part 3 (released Nov. 1)

2014 11 01 OGNG Combined (released Nov. 1)

2014 11 01 OGNG2 Combined (released Nov. 1)

2014 11 02 OGNG Combined (released Nov. 2)

2014 11 03 OGNG Combined (released Nov. 3)

2014 11 04 OGNG Combined (released Nov. 4)

OGNG 001548 OGNG 002133 PrivilegeLog (released Nov. 4)

OGNG 000718 OGNG 001034 PrivilegeLog (released Nov. 4)

OGNG 001035 OGNG 001547 PrivilegeLog (released Nov. 4)

2014 11 05 OGNG Combined (released Nov. 5)

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