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Letters to the Editor

Readers write: Letters to the editor, February 8, 2018

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
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  • Updated: February 7, 2018
  • Published February 7, 2018


President doesn't get the idea of freedom of choice
The president of the United States just called those who didn't stand and cheer for him treasonous. I have profane words for this man but I will not use them here. I will say, Mr. President, I will pledge allegiance to the flag only when I want and I have instructed hundreds of students they have that right. If I were a football player, I would kneel if I wanted. I do not wear a U.S. flag on my lapel. Agree or disagree, I will write letters to you and others without fear. I will wear a p—- hat. I will give money to those who oppose you.
You don't get it, do you? You have an undeveloped understanding of what it means to be free in the United States of America. You are exceptional, Mr. President, exceptionally bold in your despotic pronouncements. Mr. President, I do respect your office; do you?
— Roger Miller

On applause and treason
So Democrats who didn't applaud Trump's State of the Union reading are "treasonous." As I recall, "L'etat c'est moi" didn't work out all that well for the Bourbons.
— Ken Higgins

It's freedom, not treason
So far our president is not coming across as the most intelligent person to hold office. Now he has decided that if we do not clap for him, it constitutes an act of treason? It may be treason in Russia, but it sure as hell is not treason in our country, where many have served, fought and died to protect our freedom of speech and actions.
— Nick Cassara

Information on ML&P sale
Concerning Paul Jenkins' column on Sunday Feb. 4, about the ML&P sale: All he needs to do to find information on the sale is check out the website and the FAQ on
— Michael Tullius

Vote no on Proposition 1
About two years ago, our municipal Assembly added gender identity to our non-discrimination laws. Prop. 1 takes us backward. Here's why:
Everyone should have basic protections under the law. Our traditional values are to show love and compassion for all of God's children, not just people we are familiar with. All our residents, including our transgender neighbors, family members, and friends, deserve the right to use public facilities with safety, dignity and privacy. It's about fairness and respect. It's about sending a message that everyone is welcome here. Let's stand up for our neighbors and vote no on Prop. 1.
We already have laws against harming or harassing someone in a restroom or locker room, and even APD Chief Doll has said it is "not something that APD is specially concerned about." Prop. 1 won't make us any safer. In fact, it will give bullies the opportunity to harass transgender people. That's not what our city is about.
Here we stand up for fairness and respect. In this city, everyone is welcome. Let's stand up for our neighbors and vote no on Prop. 1.
Want to learn more? Check out
— Cheryl Lovegreen

Thanks for your service
Thank you for the wonderful article from Maj. Bruce Headle in Sunday's paper. It is good for us to recognize those who served our nation in time of war and in time of peace, listen to their stories and honor their valor. Thank you for your service, Maj. Headle, and thank you to all those who put on the uniform. You are our heroes.
— K.T. Nolan

Trickle-down magic lives on
Ain't it grand. The old trickle-down magic is alive and well. The public school secretary can spend her $1.50 a week to save money at Costco for one year. Hope she doesn't have a 401(k) that she needs to access for a while. Oh well, as the rich tell us, let them eat cake!
— Beverly Metcalfe

Be careful who you follow
"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." — Voltaire
Sad, scary, but true. Please be careful and smart about who you believe, admire and follow!
— Terry Casdorph

Sen. Kelly can save dividend
"Just do the right thing." Janet McCabe (ADN, Feb. 5) has more faith in our politicians than I do. Our legislators can enact POMV statutes that appear to "protect" the dividend. However, our Supreme Court has ruled that the Legislature can disregard the same statutes and appropriate the Permanent Fund earnings, which includes the dividend, as it sees fit. The only way to truly protect the dividend is by amending the Alaska Constitution.
Pending Senate Joint Resolution 9 provides a mechanism to fund the government and provide for a dividend by establishing a POMV formula as a constitutional amendment. However, to be enacted, a two-thirds majority of both the Senate and the House is required before Alaska voters can decide if the dividend should be constitutionally protected.
Sen. Pete Kelly has an opportunity to be the man who saves the dividend from the perceived out-of-control spending of Democrats. It would make him the hero of working-class Alaskans and show that Republicans are for the little man. It would also be the right thing to do.
— William Maxey

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