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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Education responsibilities

  • Author: Jon Sharpe
    | Opinion
  • Updated: March 15
  • Published March 15

Our governor’s comments about what’s important about education makes me think he’s reduced state responsibility to the Two Rs: readin’ and ‘rithmetic. Cut out ‘ritin’ ‘cause we don’t need the next generation writing letters like this! Anything beyond that, like science, history, sports or music, would be private electives paid for by parents.

Losing the Alaska state ferry system, the “highways” in Southeast, could lead to another money-saving idea: Privatize all Alaska highways. Make them all toll roads, with surcharges for every snowfall.

Don’t get me started on health care and the increased provider charges looming from his plan.

And, why did his “mathematical approach” to the budget not include a reduction in his executive administrative costs equal to what the university got, instead of an increase?

— Jon Sharpe


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