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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Budget thoughts

  • Author: Clinton Hodges
    | Opinion
  • Updated: April 15
  • Published April 15

Like it or not, our great state is mired in a recession, evidenced by the fact that a typical Alaska private-sector business, GCI, depends on the generosity of the American taxpayers. Unlike the former governor, the company is laying off nearly 90 Anchorage taxpayers.

Let’s get this straight: 29,000 Anchorage government, Anchorage School District and non-profit, government-dependent employees are not the voice of Alaskans, but they are the squeaky wheel.

Each year, Sen. Bill Wielechowski, sends out a survey of possible issues to the voters of a safe Democratic district; the findings should put all elected representatives on notice.

For example, Alaskans are calling for cuts in spending and a broad-based revenue measure, flat education spending, and hugely support a hands-off-the-dividend policy.

I encourage everyone to go to Bill’s Facebook page and take a good look at the results of this years survey, because the voice of the silent majority matters too!

— Clinton Hodges


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