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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Impeachment priorities

  • Author: Rick Wicks
    | Opinion
  • Updated: October 21, 2019
  • Published October 21, 2019

In a letter to the editor Oct. 16, Michael Lane repeated the partisan talking point that “until there is a vote in the House on impeachment, there can be no official inquiry.” As a self-described student of the Constitution, can Mr. Lane show any basis for this assertion?

The Congress is a co-equal branch of government and the House makes its own rules. The Constitution charges the House with sole responsibility for the “grand jury” process of impeachment.

Much as Mr. Lane might wish otherwise, it is not up to the executive branch to decide what is official and what is not. The duly-constituted relevant House committees are fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities in investigating impeachable offenses by the current occupant of the White House.

— Rick Wicks


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