Letters to the Editor

Letter: Who do you stand with?

Earlier this fall, oil and gas attorney Robin Brena wrote a commentary in the ADN detailing reasons for voting in favor of Ballot Measure 1, Alaska’s Fair Share initiative. He did an excellent job of explaining why major oil companies are spending millions of dollars in ads telling us to vote no. It’s because they stand to lose billions of dollars in taxes due the citizens of Alaska that we have lost since the passage of SB 21 in 2013.

In the Oct. 11 edition of the ADN, Jon Svendsen of Wasilla wrote a “Yes on 1” letter informing us of Norway’s very successful oil tax policy that has greatly enriched its citizens without scaring away the oil companies.

I will not expand on these writers' arguments in favor of Ballot Measure 1. I will just simplify the issue. If you’re pro-Alaska, you should vote yes on Ballot Measure 1. If you’re pro-Big Oil, vote no.

Jim Fredrickson


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