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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Thanks, voters

  • Author: Alan Blaisdell
    | Opinion
  • Updated: January 14
  • Published January 14

I am as eager as anyone for the Trump administration to be over. The reasons are many and you all know what they are, so I won’t go into that. OK, maybe just one. Mostly, it was a big fat disappointment. He never could see the opportunity that he had. He could have been great, but he just never realized what is important. The answer is: not himself, which is of course what he made it all about.

There are, however, two things we need to thank President Donald Trump for. First, he got large numbers of people to go and register to vote. It’s his one and only accomplishment. And then people voted, and in the best of ironies, they voted for the other guy. Thanks, Joe Biden.

Secondly, President Trump showed us what rock bottom looks like. I’m pretty sure that most of us don’t want to see that again. Our government is screwed up and was before Trump, but why anyone thought a New York billionaire real estate and reality TV star with severe narcissism was the answer is hard to fathom. If you want to fix the government, figure out a way to get Dems and Reps talking, eating and hanging out again like they used to do. It’s what they need. Can’t believe I have to say that.

I do believe, though, that the whole thing has been and will continue to be a good lesson in government and civics. So thanks, all you voters, and Happy New Year!

— Alan Blaisdell


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