Letters to the Editor

Letter: Inlet View design problems

The proposed Inlet View Elementary School replacement project has been conducted in secrecy over the past 18 months; everything from Design Committee members choice to the numbers used to evaluate design are shrouded in secrecy. Apparently, moving the school from the north side to the unsuitable south side costs $10 million more that could be well used to fix roofs, security systems rather than wasting money on a location that the neighbors do not want.

I have been alarmed at the lack of transparency and accountability of the design process. I was one of three people who contacted the Anchorage Ombudsman concerning violations of the state Open Meetings Act. He determined yesterday that the Inlet View Building Design Committee meetings violated the Open Meetings Act with the private Design Committee meetings.

As a 40-year resident of Anchorage, I am not going anywhere; Anchorage School District created the Inlet View School design and location problems through the district’s lack of transparency and accountability, and ASD can fix those problems; I trust that they will.

— Deborah Hansen


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