Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vaccinate the world

First, I want to extend my deepest thanks to the people of South Africa and especially their brilliant scientists for quickly sharing their information about the omicron variant of COVID-19 with the world.

Next, I hope Americans and other affluent countries are done being in denial about the importance of sharing our resources to make sure poor countries get enough vaccines for their whole population — and masks and other health care — not just a token number of shots.

Because if those folks had been able to get vaccinated months ago, the omicron variant would not have had hosts in which to incubate and develop. So paying for other people’s vaccines helps everyone, including us. (We don’t know yet where omicron originated, but the point is the same).

It’s an elegant solution. And cost-effective. And the right thing to do.Please tell our Alaska congressional delegation and President Joe Biden to allocate a lot more funds for vaccinating our fellow humans around the globe. Maybe we could start with South Africa and surrounding countries, in acknowledgement of their gift of information?

— Patti Saunders


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