Letters to the Editor

Letter: Support Constant

I met Chris Constant when he began his community involvement through the Fairview Community Council, where he was working to address neighborhood blight, disinvestment due to harmful road policy, homelessness and other issues impacting his neighbors. As I termed out and started my service in the Alaska Senate, he was elected to the Anchorage Assembly.

From Day 1, I’ve seen his dedication and hard work firsthand, and I watched him evolve as a public servant over the years. Chris is devoted to gaining a thorough understanding of the issues. He’s a tireless worker and always listens to the concerns of community members, as well as the concerns of those on the other side of the issue. Chris Constant has the experience, knows how to work across the aisle, character, and the tenacity to be Alaska’s next congressman.

Chris has served Anchorage residents through a major earthquake and pandemic. He’s led an effort to modernize the Port of Alaska and enact mail-in voting. He’s stood strong against opposition to passing legislation that protects our community, such as mask mandates and a ban on conversion therapy. And as Alaska’s first openly LGBT candidate for statewide office, he’s breaking an important barrier while embracing equal rights for all.

With 48 candidates in the race, Alaska Democrats need to unify around a candidate, and that candidate is Chris Constant. Chris was the first Democrat to announce his race and did so while Congressman Don Young was still alive and running for re-election. Alaska Democrats know Chris Constant. I commend every candidate who chooses to run for office whether they are an independent, Republican or any other political affiliation. But Republicans support Republicans, and Democrats need to support Democrats. Supporting Democrats means that we endorse a candidate who truly shares our values, not some of the time, but all the time. That’s why I’m supporting and formally endorsing Chris Constant — because he is the only candidate in the race who I can, without a doubt, say: Chris Constant shares my values. Democrats need to follow my path and start doing the right thing to get Democrats elected.

Democrats cannot afford to be divided in this election. We must support Chris Constant!

— Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson


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