Letters to the Editor

Letter: Convention backers aren’t being frank

When you see a letter advocating for a constitutional convention, they are advocating for only one thing: To take away the freedoms you currently enjoy.

That’s correct. They will not ask for more protections. They want to reduce, to take away, to diminish, to destroy protections we already have. Are you a Christian? Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. After that, your choice is mandated. If you can not remember that you, too, are a sinner, well, bub, your problems are outside a political discussion.

— Dan Cooper


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Dan Cooper

Now retired from the practice of law, Dan Cooper is a former president of the Alaska Bar Association, and served as both a state and federal Prosecutor. His last trial as a Federal prosecutor, U.S. v. Mujahid, was of a federal prisoner held in custody by the State DOC who was accused and convicted of assaulting state prisoners at the Cook Inlet facility.