Letters to the Editor

Letter: Choices for mayor

Looking into the candidates for Anchorage mayor, it is somewhat easy to assess them and make a choice. The current mayor has tried and failed at doing well for our city. Several areas of his control are at fault and costing us additional funding due to his poor decisions, lack of a willingness to learn the job responsibilities, and his stubbornness.

Continuing with the choices, two candidates are showing promise. I find good reason to support Suzanne LaFrance. She is an independent candidate, willing to work with both sides of the aisle, assuming there at two sides of the aisle. She has the experience and will be ready to take on the many challenges facing Anchorage. With her service on the Anchorage Assembly, including a time of being Assembly Chair, she has shown compassion, understanding, and ability to lead at times when the choices are not simple.

Please join me in supporting Suzanne LaFrance to lead Anchorage in the upcoming election. Along with so many of you, I hope to see less divisiveness and more working together to help our municipality achieve better solutions.

— Michael Fenster


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