Letters to the Editor

Letter: A presidential suggestion

While celebrating the Fourth of July, amidst all the concern over Joe Biden’s health issues and potential for success in the election, I thought of a possible way through the worries and uncertainty.

Suppose Mr. Biden, in good faith and to provide a shared responsibility for the country, were to honorably offer to run for vice president and open the candidacy for president to another good Democrat to run with him for president. This would solve many concerns and would, I believe, make for a powerful team to win in November.

I will not suggest who would be the presidential candidate, or how Kamala Harris might fit into the picture, but this seems a very good option and keeps the experience of President Biden, with all he has done and can allow him continue to work with the congress, while alleviating many concerns about his health and age. Seems a very good win-win alternative for the country. Let this be worked out at the Democratic convention. A voice from the countryside, asking for the good of the country.

— Richard Seifert


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