Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hero time

Joe Biden has done a great job. But we need an example in this country of someone who is willing to forgo power for the sake of the principles this country was founded upon. George Washington turned down the proposition of being president for life, and I seem to remember Biden saying he would only seek one term back in 2020. Right now, even my neighbor says he’d be OK with Trump as dictator.

This is an existential crisis for America, and a poor example to the world.

When I saw that Michelle Obama would trounce Trump, I thought, how perfect. The beauty of the irony coupled with the fact that she’d do a great job with Biden and Barack Obama as examples.

But more importantly, we need a leader right now. Someone who doesn’t just talk about it, but leads by example. Time to be more than the American president for four more years, maybe. Time to teach America and the world what it means to be a patriot who puts his country ahead of his ambition. Time to be an American hero for generations to come.

— Nick Rusnak


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