Letters to the Editor

Letter: Rules to live by

I learned, at home and school, from a very early age, that being a bully, calling people derogatory names, and lying are unacceptable behaviors. These qualities emerge from a deep unkindness and/or insecurity, and they render the person exhibiting these behaviors untrustworthy and unreliable.

At nearly 80 years old, I find these principles have weathered the test of time. Why would I want to be associated with a person who denigrates others? There are so many other ways to respectfully accomplish relating an opinion. proving a point, as well as reflecting on and accomplishing a better way of being in this world.

As we establish ties with other humans, let’s remember that power and bombast really only destroy. Maybe instead, we can establish compassion, understanding — and, dare I say, kindness — as our conscious intention, and eventually our default behaviors move us more effectively through this world.

Please be careful what you wish for, and for whom you vote.

— Kate Finn


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