Letters to the Editor

Letter: Urgent action on gas crisis

While it can be argued with credibility that a lack of state political and business leadership and action is exacerbating the looming natural gas crisis in Alaska’s premier city, there is room for criticism of federal and military leaders, too. Alaska is uniquely situated as a strategic American defensive asset — facilitating critical energy, transportation, resource and military contributions to the nation’s defense and economic stability.  

It is unreasonable and irresponsible to expect that the infrastructure needed to support such a relatively small but critical population in such a remote but key geographical area could be completely funded by the local populace alone. Surely a nation that can afford to spend billions of taxpayer dollars to fund student loan “forgiveness” for borrowers who reneged on promises to repay the loans they asked for, or to fund congressional pork projects intended to reward political supporters can surely contribute ideas and cash to keep affordable gas available to such a strategically valuable resource like Anchorage.  

Are Americans at the South Pole expected to independently fund their fuel needs? No. What are Alaska political and business leaders doing to facilitate the necessary support? Looks like not much.

— Mike Fetzer


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