Letters to the Editor

Letter: Worst decision ever

The Supreme Court of the United States has made some bad decisions in the past — Dredd Scott; Plessy v. Ferguson; Korematsu taking away rights of entire classes of people, Dobbs taking away bodily autonomy from half the population, and Bush v. Gore discounting votes from who knows how many. Citizens United allowing special interests’ donations to outweigh and out-influence the many small political donations.

This latest decision to give the presidency the immunity powers of a king turns our democracy into a dictatorship, with only the wise restraint of any given president keeping it from being a tyranny.

Why? The overly broad reason is that while liberals are as organized as a herd of cats, con-servatives admire and tend to follow in lockstep the authority of a strong leader. Note that strong does not mean wise; witness the fall of many nations following their leaders over cliffs into oblivion.

How? Decades of Russian and Chinese disin-formation efforts to weaken the U.S., helped by a foreigner’s entertainment programming labeled as “news” to encourage the audience to think of it as authoritative, bore fruit in encouraging disunity in the U.S.

Instead of spending time looking at real enemies, we now spend too much time and effort fighting amongst ourselves, with credence given to conspiracy theories, spin and lies while certain outlets ignore or spin any uncomfortable truths about those they support.

— Alex Koponen


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