Anchorage mayoral candidate Q&A: What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?

The Anchorage Daily News asked candidates for mayor and the Anchorage School Board in the April 3 election to answer a series of questions on issues facing the city and the Anchorage School District. We're publishing their responses daily. The answers were fact-checked when facts were cited and edited for spelling, grammar and writing style.

In this part, candidates for mayor talk about what they do when you're not at work.

Ethan Berkowitz
Age: 56
Occupation: Mayor of Anchorage

I love spending time with my family, particularly as my kids get closer to leaving for college. I enjoy playing basketball with my son in the driveway, debating with my daughter, cooking unusual recipes with my wife, and entertaining everyone with my spectacularly bad puns. I also really enjoy spending time in the city. The great conversations I get to have with folks in the aisles of Costco or on the trails at Kincaid Park continue to remind me that I am lucky to live in such an amazing place.

Rebecca Logan
Age: 54
Occupation: CEO for the Alaska Support Industry Alliance


Dustin Darden
Age: 34
Occupation: Union carpenter, handyman and maintenance worker for the municipality of Anchorage


My favorite thing to do is to simply be in the presence of God. God is so good I like to talk about Him as well. If you want to ask God to come into your life and be your Lord and savior all you simply do is believe in Jesus Christ and what He did on that cross for the stuff that separates you from God which is sin. Jesus paid for it all, all you have to do is believe it's a choice for the free gift of salvation. Salvation in Christ solves all problems.

Nelson Godoy
Age: 59
Occupation: Retired accountant

Enjoying my family at home.

Timothy Huit
Age: 57
Occupation: Roofing contractor and transportation worker

Enjoy the beauty of the City of Anchorage by walking, biking, and driving around the city.

Matthew Mendonsa
Age: 58
Occupation: Retired/disabled floral delivery worker

Going for a exercise walk down at Westchester Lagoon, stop and sit on a bench and people-watch.

Ron Stafford
Age: 68
Job: Transportation consultant

Flying is one of my passions. In addition to work, I do that just for fun.

Jacob Kern did not respond to the questionnaire.

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