Q&A with Alaska U.S. House candidate Tim Beck

The Anchorage Daily News asked candidates for U.S. House running in the special primary election to answer a series of questions. Read all of their responses here.

TIM BECK, undeclared affiliation, from Fairbanks

Editor’s note: Beck responded only to follow-up questions to candidates about abortion and the Supreme Court and did not respond to the first part of the survey, which asked: What in your background qualifies you to represent Alaskans in Congress? Why are you running for U.S. Congress in Alaska? And what would be your top priority if elected to Congress?

What is your position on abortion?

I feel an individual has the responsibility to control their health rights without government interfering.

If legislation came before the U.S. House that would guarantee the same abortion rights nationwide as the Roe v. Wade decision, how would you vote?


If you support abortion rights, what limitations, if any, do you think should be placed on those rights, such as waiting periods or a specific point in a pregnancy where abortion should no longer be legal?


If the fetus is viable the period to abort has passed, or in cases of rape or incest or the life of the mother is in peril to carry to full term.

Would you support a bill, if it came before the House, to expand the size of the U.S. Supreme Court? Why or why not?

I feel proportional representation would be best for our nation.