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Palins: 'Life's a Tripp' slips, but 'Stars Earn Stripes' a go

  • Author: Craig Medred
  • Updated: September 27, 2016
  • Published June 30, 2012

Alaska and TV seem to have a strange infatuation with one another. There are some ten active running shows including "Gold Rush, Alaska," "Alaska State Troopers," "Flying Wild Alaska" and "Deadliest Catch."

And then there are the Palins.

Alaska's former first family is like an under-trained relay team, one member snatching the baton from the withered grip of the previous family runner, only to sprint, sputter and eventually burn out. First it was Sarah in "Sarah Palin's Alaska," then Bristol's "Dancing with the Stars," then back to Sarah with "The Undefeated: a documentary" and HBO's docudrama "Game Change."

Meanwhile, Bristol was planning the first incarnation of "Life's a Tripp" with Kyle Massey, her Dancing With the Stars chum who is now suing her for stealing his idea. Even though the BIO channel planned to pick up the show, it ultimately backed out. But Bristol abides! She repurposed and pitched the show to Lifetime, who ate it up, and is now considering spitting it back out.

"Bristol Palins Life's a Tripp," which features Bristol, her son Tripp and some of the more reserved family members like sisters Willow and Piper, just premiered June 19 on Lifetime, but it's already in trouble. According to UPI, the network is planning to bump "Trip" out of the 10 p.m. primetime viewing spot into a new 11 p.m. sitting.

It's certainly disappointing news to the Palin fanbase, but never fear 'cause Papa Todd is right there to pry the baton from Bristol's small sweaty hands.

In short, if Bristol's "Trip" slips, there's always Todd's role in "Stars Earn Stripes" to look forward to.

Here's how Huffington Post describes the upcoming show:

On "Stars Earn Stripes," the celebrity contestants will gather at a remote training facility, where they will participate in a "fierce, entertaining and emotionally charged new competition honoring America's armed forces," according to NBC. Each celebrity will be paired with an "operative," who is a member or a former member of the armed forces or law enforcement agencies, who will coach and guide their celebrity teammate. The challenges will include everything from helicopter drops to long range weapon firing.

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