OPINION: Arctic oil spill cleanup plans are optimistic at best, and they won't get the job done in a major spill.

Bill Stringer
A major meeting between three heads of state -- Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin -- during World War II almost happened in Fairbanks, Alaska.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Best available technology and environmental safeguards are essential as the United States pursues Arctic oil and gas exploration.Jan W. Mares
OPINION: Alaska must stop arguing the false choice between environment and development. We must face the realistic and tougher challenge of sustaining both -- and it can be done.David Parish
OPINION: President Obama, we hope your visit will help people who live outside Alaska understand what a warming Arctic means, and to grasp the imperative of leading us ahead with a proactive Arctic development policy.Alice Rogoff
OPINION: Judging by the questions, a recent Rasmuson poll was pushing Alaskans toward desired responses on the state budget.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: How is anyone surprised that President Obama isn't going out of his way to meet with Alaska's congressional delegation during his visit?Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Anchorage is ready to play its part in the wise opening of the Arctic region.Mayor Ethan Berkowitz
OPINION: President Obama should take some time to understand that for many people in the Arctic, the big issues are secondary. Tim Aqukkasuk Argetsinger
Climate change is here, and I can see it clearly from my Anchorage window. Going forward, we are responsible for what happens in nature. Steve Haycox