Bush Pilot

Video: Hunting caribou by bike

Punk anarchists, subsistence caribou hunting and bikepacking may seem like an unlikely combination, but as Birch Block, one of the founders of Anchorage’s Off The Chain Bicycle Collective says, “We’re not your typical hunting party.”

Photos: Tough season on Denali so far

So far this year, 16 climbers have come and gone from Denali. No one has reached the 20,310-foot summit as far as the National Park Service knows. But it’s still early.

Photos: The Alaska Range from above

While Southcentral Alaska is greening up and spring is coming to Talkeetna, the jumping-off point for climbers of the Alaska Range in the area near Denali, the peaks and glaciers of the range are still covered with snow.

Couch potato or outdoor recreation? Motivation is the arbiter.

The worst part about getting out of a bad couch potato cycle is that first part — just getting out. After that, small successes build upon one another. New experiences seem worth every effort. Usually, even if something goes wrong, there’s a payout to having put in the effort.

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