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Close races spice Wasilla regatta

  • Author: Alaska News
  • Updated: September 28, 2016
  • Published July 19, 2014

Less than half a second decided the women's eight race Saturday on the first day of the Moose Nugget Regatta on Wasilla Lake.

The Anchorage Rowing Association team of Janet Curran, Ed Hall, Jessica Willis, Emma Haddix, Shelly Andresen, Erin Bashaw, Anne Blount, Elisa Samuelson and Julie Truskowski finished the race in 3 minutes, 47.7 seconds to take a four-tenths of a second victory over the team from Kenai.

Competition continues Sunday beginning at 10 a.m. at Wasilla Lake.


Single — 1) Karen Hurd 4:23.2; 2) Ed Hall 4:29.0; 3) Kristin Mitchell 4:40.3.

Double — 1) Jessica Willis, Robby Bear 5:32.4; 2) Lori Landstrom, Wendy Bryden 5:39.6.

Quad — 1) Erin Bashaw, Anne Blount, Emma Haddix, Shelly Andresen, Deb Walker 3:53.2; 2) Janet Curran, Ed Hall, Jessica Willis, Elisa Samuelson, John Clark 3:58.5; 3) Lori Landstrom, Lori Swann, Brandii Holmdahl, Wendy Bryden, Becky Buchanan 4:09.1.

Eight —1) Janet Curran, Ed Hall, Jessica Willis, Emma Haddix, Shelly Andresen, Erin Bashaw, Anne Blount, Elisa Samuelson, Julie Truskowski 3:47.7; 2) Allison Lyon, Lori Swann, Brandii Holmdahl, Sue Faust, Tami Bednarze, Lori Draper, Becky Buchanan, Jodi Kurtz, Scrivo 3:48.1; 3) Camy VanSickle, Betsy Eisses, Deb Walker, Wendy Lyford, Kristin Mitchell, Robby Bear, Janeece Higgins, Meagan Carmichael, Maria Weiss 3:52.8.


Double — 1) Jim Hurd, John Clark 3:38.2; 2) Chasen Cunitz, Dan Brokaw 3:38.8; 3) Tom Swann, Harold Faust 3:43.3; 4) Jerry Park, Doug Alexander 4:10.8.

Quad — 1) Dan Brokaw, Chasen Cunitz, John Clark, Kevin Hall, Amy Cordell 4:01.8; 2) Walt Murphy, Scott Wharton, Mike Wilde, Jerry Park, Rose Morowitz 4:37.2.


Double — 1) Jim Hurd, Karen Hurd 3:33.0; 2) Dan Brokaw, Erin Bashaw 3:48.0; 3) Harold Faust, Sue Faust 3:59.1; 4) Chasen Cunitz, Emma Haddix 3:59.7; 5) Ed Hall, John Clark 4:00.4.

Quad — 1) Meagan Carmichael, Betsy Eisses, Mike Wilde, Scott Wharton, Elisa Samuelson 4:20.6; 2) Kevin Hall, Walt Murphy, Deb Walker, Wendy Lyford, Erin Bashaw 4:30.7.


Girls single — 1) Amy Cordell 4:37.0.

Girls double — 1) Elisa Samuelson, Emma Leonard 2:13.8; 2) Emma Haddix, Nina Moore 2:14.3; 3) Janet Curran, Jessie Hardison 2:17.3; 4) Ed Hall, Marissa Mitchell 2:46.5.

Girls quad — 1) Anna Dexter, Angie Jemmings, Mieka Chythlook, Grace Weidemaier, Orion Roach 4:25.4; 2) Amy Cordell, Haley Neptune, Morgan Wealti, Jessica Taft, Maria Weiss 4:28.3.

Girls eight —1) Mieka Chythlook, Anna Dexter, Angie Jemmings, Grace Weidemaier, Hayley Neptune, Amy Cordell, Nina Moore, Emma Leonard, Maria Weiss 4:00.5.

Boys double — 1) Cooper Plumhoff, Sutton Kowalski 4:58.4.

Boys quad — 1) Cooper Plumhoff, Sutton Kowalski, H Quinn, Ian Elsmann 3:55.7.

Mixed quad — 1) Cooper Plumhoff, H Quinn, Amy Cordell, Grace Weidemaier 4:02.7; 2) Sutton Kowalski, Hayley Neptune, Ian Elsmann, Anna Dexter 4:16.7.


Double — 1) Renzo Tomlinson, Kim Kain 4:59.2.

Eight — 1) Morgan Wealti, Jessica Taft, Theo Graber, Camy VanSickle, Stephanie Whisenhant, Julie Graham, Janice Kevan, Mike Wilde, Orion Roach 4:17.8.

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