Weather gets final say at Coca-Cola Classic alpine ski race series at Alyeska

Race organizers threw salt on the snow to save Sunday’s Coca-Cola Classic alpine ski races at Alyeska Ski Resort, but they couldn’t stop the severe weather that closed down the mountain Monday.

Giant slalom races scheduled for Monday were called off because of strong winds and heavy snow and rain in Girdwood. There was no immediate word whether they can be rescheduled.

Sunday’s slalom races happened as scheduled despite rain and spring-like conditions that prompted Alyeska Ski Club coaches to throw salt on the course in an effort to harden the surface and prevent the track from deteriorating.

Finnigan Donley came back from a November knee injury to win the men’s first slalom by a flabbergasting 15 seconds. Georgia Lantz won the first women’s race by about nine seconds.

In the second slalom, Randi Von Wichman beat Lantz by four seconds for the win. Ben Neuberger, third in the first men’s race, triumphed by two seconds.

The races were part of the annual Coca-Cola Classic, sponsored by the Odom Corporation. Senior division, U19 and U16 skiers competed Sunday following two days of competition for younger skiers.

Alyeska will be the scene of another race series at the end of the month when the Western Region FIS Open comes to Girdwood, where UAA skiers are also expected to compete.


Sunday’s results

Women’s Slalom No. 1 -- 1) Georgia Lantz, ASC, 1:50.46 2) Alyssa Gries, ASC, 1:59.26 3) Brook Lentfer, ASC, 2:03.16 4) Megan Gamez, ASC, 2:03.32 5) Lili Boshell, ASC, 2:05.27

Women’s Slalom No. 2 -- 1) Randi Von Wichman, ASC, 1:55.01 2) Georgia Lantz, ASC, 1:59.52 3) Abigail Kragt, ASC, 2:04.67 4) Alyssa Gries, ASC, 2:08.78 5) Hannah Kragt, ASC, 2:10.08

Men’s Slalom No. 1 -- 1) Finnigan Donley, ASC, 1:39.09 2) Bastian Kjerland, ASC, 1:54.15 3) Ben Neuberger, ASC, 1:54.51 4) Ryder Deschamps, ASC, 1:55.37 5) Connor Gries, ASC, 1:55.73.

Men’s Slalom No. 2 -- 1) Ben Neuberger, ASC, 1:59.61 2) James Reinbold, ASC, 2:01.82 3) Karsten Hymas, ASC, 2:02.84 4) Ryder Deschamps, ASC, 2:03.59 5) Bastian Kjerland, ASC, 2:03.89