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Anchorage fire chief: How to look for serious structural damage at home

Anchorage fire officials were urging residents to walk through homes and check for damages In the wake of Friday morning’s earthquake – and evacuate if there’s any sign of serious structural damage.

Small cracks in sheetrock are probably OK, said Anchorage fire chief Jodie Hettrick.

But here are signs of a potentially bigger problem:

• A crack that you can look through to the outside.

• Windows and doors that no longer open.

• Standing outside and seeing the whole house listing right or left, or it doesn’t look square.

Any of those situations may be a sign the house isn’t safe to occupy, Hettrick said. She suggested evacuating in response to big cracks or shifting.


But it wasn’t exactly clear who residents should call to get a formal safety assessment. Hettrick said Friday the city has been focused on evaluating municipal structures and public facilities.

A friend or family member who is a general contractor would be a good place to start, Hettrick said.

She said the fire department hoped to have more information out soon.

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Devin Kelly

Devin Kelly was an ADN staff reporter.